About Us

Welcome to Cotterill Promotions.

Cotterill Promotions was launched in June 2005 and now supplies Promotional Business Calendars, Diaries, Workwear & Promotional Items for business promotion, Events and exhibitions to some of the big names in Business throughout the whole of Scotland

Due to already having a stable network in workwear we have set-up an online store purely aimed at school-wear with the 1 goal of keeping the cost as low as possible for local parents while providing good quality items for school at a sensible price.

2018 will be the first year we have attempted this type of project so the pricing may increase slightly until a neutral level is achieved where parents are still saving money and overheads are covered so the store can continue to operate.

If you have any feedback, questions or queries or wish to request any items to be added please feel free to contact us.